How can you beat it

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5. Make a list of items, you should always pay attention and measurement. 2. Decide the type you want to change. Do you want to make it brighter, lighter, more complex, or more casual it? Do you want to give it a contemporary flavor, or make it a little exotic? 3. A good look at what is in the room, and decide what is not suitable for you to choose a new appearance / theme. What is wearing out, out of place or out of proportion? 1. Select the room you want to give a new look. Many years ago, I was told, you have the most expensive redecorating rearrange. This is a best decoration advised me there was no mention of a most interesting implementation. How can you beat it? A new space is almost free! Your satisfaction with this feeling, some spectacular when you have finished, use your imagination and you already have the. 6. Purchase trip through your house, you can use from the other room. One of the very important recommendations: carefully check the measurement and your work has a "buy", the color from the other room. If you want to expand, often friends or relatives in their own homes they want to get rid of, so if you do not have quite what you like, the family investment and trade-offs. Note: You may find that you need to keep plenty of energy to paint the walls or covering a chair or sofa, sofa sets, or buy a new lampshade, but the costs should be kept to a minimum, or you defeat your purpose. Of course, like many of the recommendations is a good way to do this, one is not so satisfactory. Therefore, here's a step-by-step. 4. . Assessment of the room, standing in the doorway, in every corner of every room, and give it a good hard look. Furniture will look better angle? What is the mode of transportation? You do not want to sit in the room you need to move furniture. Most of us can not afford to just sit in a room, and looks pretty. The well-designed room for you to work.